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PSA: 852 Prospect archive under new management

As some of you may remember from last year, the 852 Prospect archivist was looking for someone else to manage 852 and came to an agreement with Archive of Our Own (aka AO3)to do the job.  AO3 is a massive, multi-fandom archive which can be found here.

In order for the stories from 852 to not become lost in the larger archive, it was agreed to transfer the stories into a "collection", where you could find the stories in one location but they would also be part of the larger archive and could be found under the individual author's AO3 page as well.  The process started this past Thursday, and the stories have all been migrated.

What does this mean for you?  The 852 URL is still there and will still be searchable as it was before.  The difference will be that once you click on an individual story link, you will be re-directed to the story at AO3 where it is now housed.  For those of us who have struggled to find a story at AO3 this is good news; we still have our familiar search engine.  There are a few caveats, however.

Once the stories were migrated to AO3, all authors were sent welcome letters announcing that their fic was available for claiming; that is they affirmed that they are the authors and they then can do anything they want with them.  They could edit them (something not really possible at 852), leave them as is, or they can delete them.  If they do that, you will get a "couldn't find the story" message if you try to get to them through the old 852 URL.  Fortunately, we haven't had that many stories removed by authors yet.

On the flip side, the 852 Collection will now accept new stories.  The old archive closed for new submissions about a year ago, so this is good news that we'll have more stories about the boys to read.  We have had some new stories added already.  The one problem will be that those stories will not show up if you use the old 852 search engine because they were not part of the original archive.

Another temporary situation is that all the migrated stories start off being "locked"; that is, you can only read them if you are a member of AO3.  Why? Because the old 852 archive was shielded from being searched via Google or other search engines, while AO3 is not.  Many authors who write slash, even though they may write under pseuds, might not be comfortable in having their work accessed in such a public way.  So, during these three months, they will have time to claim their stories and decide whether to keep them on the site and whether to keep them locked or open them up to general readership.  After three months, any unclaimed stories in the collection will be unlocked.

So how do you read "locked" stories?  By becoming a member of AO3.  Besides being able to read these stories, being a member has some other nice advantages.  You are able to comment using your name/pseud (although you can comment anonymously) and the system keeps track of your reading history (in case you forget a story and want to find it again) and you can bookmark stories for later reading or re-reading.  Every 852 author will automatically receive an invitation to join if they haven't already.  If you are strictly a reader (as I am), you can apply to join here:

The reason for the restriction is simply server capacity.  They want to control the influx of users to make sure nothing crashes, since AO3 is still in beta testing.  You can also request that they tell you how long it will be until you get the invite.  If you have any questions or problems with this, please contact me off list and I'll do my best to help you.

With the changing of the guard, someone else had to be the archivist for the new collection, and I volunteered to do it.  I'm very excited to be part of keeping this important chunk of our fandom alive and evergreen.  I'm working on becoming a subject matter expert, so bear with me.  Feel free to post any questions here or privately to me.


merlin aka Magician at AO3 and 852 Prospect Archivist at AO3
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Thanksgiving ANON is open

Yes, Thanksgiving ANON. I realize that Thanksgiving is a U.S. thing, but the we do have time on our hands at the moment to write. So I bring to ALL the fans an ANON weekend. Give me your prompts, and let the writing begin. This is open to gen, pre-slash, slash, crack, and all the other forms I didn't write here.

This is to be fun. So come by drop a few prompts, and then see what others want and write up a storm.

Come by join up, and see where it leads us. Tell your friends, and spread the word on what we are up to. Ambitious but is it rubbish? I can't say.
Jim and Blair come together

I hope it's okay to post this:

I'm asking for volunteers to help me with my stories. Since they're no longer at 852 Prospect, I'd like to get several of them over to ASR3, but my arthritis prohibits the kind of time I used to spend at the computer - hence the request for volunteers. If you're interested, please go here where you'll find all the info! Thank you and feel free to pass this on!

First official notice of the Moonridge Auction for 2011

Forwarded with permission from Aly.


This is the first official announcement for this year's 'auction', which will actually only be the Animal Adoptions from Moonridge. Right now, Susan (Virginia Sky) is working on our website, but until then, all information can be found at the GMFOR_MOONRIDGE LJ. The Welcome Page has been updated (per requests from fans) to now include the history of how the auction started, ALL the totals raised each year and, as a bonus, "The Many Faces of Garett Throughout the Years at Moonridge". There is also a new Welcome banner. Just below the bottom of the post, click on "Previous 1" to read the first new post which includes:

The FAQ on how this year's event will operate
All the animals up for auction (and there are some new ones)
An example of how the animals will appear at the website

For direct links:

The Welcome Post:
The FAQ Post:


The Sentinel/Dresden Files Crossover Fic Complete

Hello, hope this is the right place for this. Apologies to the mods if it isn't:

Title: Shaman You
Fandoms: Dresden Files (books)/The Sentinel
Warnings/Spoilers: NC-17 for some grisly murders (just to be safe). Dresden Files up to and including Summer Knight. The Sentinel post-series.

Summary: When the police of Cascade are troubled by a ritual serial killer, they call in the services of the only professional wizard in the book.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

Part Seven can be found here...

Sally's Songvid site is closing soon

Sally announced this over at the Sentinalia Yahoo group. She's going to be discontinuing her site at the end of April.

If you want any of these spectacular vids, now is the time to save them for your viewing pleasure. If any of you are unaware of her vids, you are in for a treat. They are mostly gen. Although they were made quite a few years ago, her vids have been consistently nominated in the Light My Fire Awards and "Mr. Sandman" won in 2005, which was the first time vids were included in the awards.  Additionally, "Mr. Sandman" and "Jim Dandy to the Rescue" were recommended at Crackvan. 

Thanks Sally for all the enjoyable vids and for the heads-up. Brava.



New stories have now been added

to the Moonridge Auction Fiction Archive, aka moonridge_fic, so check it out! And if you've forgotten what I'm talking about, this is an archive established to house all the stories written over the years specifically for the Moonridge Auction - thus giving fans one spot to go in order to find them.

Of course, if it's going to keep growing, authors need to send their stories so I can add them *G*. Doesn't matter how far back you go, if you've got a story or stories written for Moonridge, well, just check out the archive on how to get the stories to me and we'll have you up ASAP! And if you have art with your story, yep, that will be included as well!

More stories will be added throughout the weekend, so keep checking the site! And since the archive is for all fandoms as they're represented by the auction, please feel free to pass this notice on to other lists, journals, communities, etc!
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Moonridge Reminder!

Don't forget we have a journal specifically designed for posting ALL Moonridge fics in one spot for folks to read when the 30 days has expired on your story! We've just come off another auction which means more wonderful fics.

Since LJ is having major problems with spammers (thanks jessriley for pointing out the recent spam) I've disabled the comments for the Welcome Page over at
[info]moonridge_fic - so if you'd like to post your own story, let me know and I'll grand you access, or you can just send me the story - with the following template included: 

Category (meaning Slash or Gen)
Moonridge Year (meaning for which Moonridge it was written)
Who won the story (if a single person was the winner)
Minimum Warnings: Death of a major character, Rape/Non-con, permanent disability
(warnings can be blocked out so the reader has to run their cursor over them so as not to spoil for others)

...and I'll post it for you. Just make sure you include any and all pertinent information for posting, including any artwork you'd like posted with the story. :) 

If you've sent me stories in the past and they're not up? Please send again. Between my email program and RL, I could have overlooked something - but I really want your story/ies up and so do the readers! :) 

Thank you!